3 tips to improve the production of breast milk

Breastfeeding can be quite confusing and it can make you very insecure when you nurse your baby for the first time. The most common question? “Does my baby drink enough?” Team BABYmatters gathers 3 tips for every mommy who (sometimes) worries about her milk production.

Many young moms have questions about how to increase their milk production. With these kind of questions, it’s important to verify why you worry about it. The main reason? The baby expresses that it wants more milk, which indicates that the baby goes through a growth spurt, rather than you having a problem with your milk production.

First of all: you really don’t have to be insecure. Before you start doubting yourself: have faith in the natural process! Keep that in mind, and nurse your baby on demand. Most healthy babies ask for the exact amount of milk they need. That’s how they keep balance between supply and demand themselves.

Would you like to know how to stimulate your milk production? Take a look at the tips mentioned below. Each of those tips can make a big difference but a combination of these is even more effective.

1. Make sure you optimize getting your baby latched onto the breast

Breast milk is produced according to the supply and demand principle. The more your baby drinks, the more your body produces milk. If the contact between the little mouth of your baby and your nipple isn’t ideal, not enough milk will be secreted and the milk production will decrease. If you experience difficulties initiating breastfeeding, we recommend you to visit a lactation consultant.

2. Give your baby more feeding moments

This will come naturally when you know the signals and feeding habits of your baby. It’s better to schedule more feeding moments instead of one long difficult one.

3. pumping!

If you really want to increase your milk production, consider pumping after a feeding moment. Start with once a day and increase the frequency at your own pace. Don’t worry if you cannot pump in the beginning, because in the end your baby just had a feeding moment! As soon as you experience an increase in milk production, you gradually reduce pumping.

Enjoy your breastfeeding journey! 
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