3 tips to reconnect with your companion after the birth of your baby

One of the most common challenges as a mom or a dad with a newborn at home? Isolation. It’s no secret that ‘being together’ gets a whole new meaning once you’ve welcomed a baby in your family. We give you three tips in order to easily find your way back to each other!

It sounds logical: before you had a baby, you planned quality time with your partner by putting your schedules together. Date nights, citytrips, little getaways, an evening to the movie theater or going out with friends – it was all relatively easy to plan at the last minute. But then you had a baby, and the world was turned upside down. Even taking a shower almost seems impossible to schedule without proper consultation. Not to mention intimacy, connection and friendship.

Because when you’re together on the couch or when you want to start preparing a nice meal at home – the baby starts to cry, you have to feed him, or you are both too tired to even have a meaningful conversation. (Don’t you recognize any of this? Lucky you! Share your secret! 😉) We won’t beat around the bush: parenthood with a newborn often feels like survival, and the days are filled with what your baby needs. That’s logical. That’s necessary. And above all… quite normal.

But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be frustrating from time to time to only talk about practical stuff with your companion, or to notice that you only see each other awake whilst taking over the night shift.

We’ll give you three ideas which could work in order to reconnect with each other!

1. Create ‘tech free time’

To be clear: put everything that beeps, flickers, and asks for digital attention on the side! Start small, and put all smartphones and tablets for an hour on the side during 2 nights per week. Talk to each other. (It’s possible with a baby in your arms, really! When the baby cries, you may increase your own volume!😉)

2. Make time to touch each other

Studies have shown that touches, cuddles, stroking,… are extremely important for your emotional well-being. At the risk of sounding corny: touching your companion creates little moments of connection – without having to talk. So, even when you are very tired and you no longer have the energy to start a conversation, a conscious touch can create a moment of connection. A suggestion from practice: greet each other always with a kiss. Imagine: your partner comes home from his/her job. Just make 10 seconds of time to kiss each other. You can do it quickly, handsfree and between lunch and dinner, but do it consciously. Simple, right?

3. Quality time from the top down 

Post-childbirth, the time to go do something together is scarce, and often you’re not that into it. Completely understandable, because your focus is now on the care for your newborn baby. An alternative? Look at what you already do together: taking care of your new family. And then try to look at it from the top down. Just take a moment to realize that you are, as a couple, doing something amazing. You’ve made a whole new person and you get to take care of him/her together. Take the time to reminisce over how you’ve grown, from 2 people to 3 people and make plans for later. Saying those things out loud makes sure that you experience parenthood at that time as a team, as a family – and not as separate people. Not solely as a mom or as a dad. But as the real little family that you are!

Tips to reconnect with your companian after the birth of your baby Ergobaby BABYmatters

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