4 tips for the ideal summer sleeping bag

A sleeping bag is the safest way to cover up your baby in bed, also in summer. This way you don’t have to use loose sheets and your little one will feel safe and secure during the night. We listed four points to look out for when buying a summer sleeping bag.

1. TOG rating

The TOG rating indicates the thickness of the fabric of the sleeping bag. The higher the TOG number, the warmer the sleeping bag. For example, a sleeping bag with a TOG rating of 2.5 is very suitable for the winter. On hot summer days, it is best to choose a sleeping bag with a TOG rating of 0.3 or 0.5. For the months ‘in between’, TOG 1.0 is fine.

Tip: Is your child wearing a sleeping bag with TOG 0.5 and the outdoor temperature is between 20 and 23 °C? Then dress your child in a bodysuit with sleeves and a sleeping bag. Is it warmer than 23 °C? Then a sleeveless bodysuit will do.

2. Material

For a summer sleeping bag it is best to check that the material is not too hot for the summer. Choose a light, natural and soft fabric that is breathable at the same time. Cotton, for example, is a very wearable fabric, even on hot days.

3. Easy to use

Make sure the sleeping bag is easy to put on and take off. Does your baby feel too cold/warm during the night? Then it’s nice that you can easily put the sleeping bag on or take it off without waking your baby!

Tip: Does your baby regularly sit in a car seat or buggy? Make sure the sleeping bag has an opening near the bum. This allows you to weave the straps of the car seat or buggy through the sleeping bag.

4. The right sleeping bag for every age

A sleeping bag with adjustable sleeves is very handy. The sleeping bag grows with your child, as it were, and continues to fit perfectly. Especially in the first year, your baby grows very fast and it’s always great you don’t have to buy a new sleeping bag every other month!

Once your baby is 6 months old, you can start using a sleeping bag with holes for the feet. This gives your child more freedom when crawling about or taking his very first steps around the table. Bigger children from the age of 18 months can sit up and have a sip of water from their drinking cup on warm nights.

Are you looking for a summer sleeping bag that meets all these criteria? Check out the Ergobaby sleeping bags!

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