5 frequently asked questions about Swaddlers

Some parents think that a swaddler is a godsend, others never took it out of the package. Why is that? And why is a swaddler often recommended when your baby cries a lot, for instance?

Many parents who create a birth list don’t really know whether a swaddler is a practical product for their baby. We would love to help you with your decision!

1. Does my baby really need a swaddler?

It depends. Babies that are nervous, cry a lot and wake themselves up at night by moving their arms and legs, can really benefit from a swaddler. But calm babies that easily fall asleep, don’t have to be swaddled.

2. Is it easy to swaddle your baby?

We think that it’s easy peasy, especially using the Ergobaby Swaddler. You simply put the arms in the preformed sleeves, you bend them softly over the baby’s belly and you tape them with a solid velcro. The legs of your baby will stay in a leg pouch, in order for the hips to always be able to move freely and ergonomically.

3. Is swaddling good for my baby?

Yes, you will see that your baby will be calmer because he feels safe and cherished. Furthermore, babies that are swaddled often sleep longer and easier. Hurray!

4. When can I start swaddling my baby?

As from birth until your baby can roll over himself. Once your baby can roll on his back or belly, it’s no longer safe to swaddle your baby.

5. And when do I use a sleeping bag then?

It’s a good idea to already use a sleeping bag for babies as from birth, in case they don’t need to be swaddled and for babies that can roll over. When they can roll over, it’s no longer safe to swaddle them. A sleeping bag makes sure that your baby maintains the ideal temperature – not too hot, not too cold – and that its face always stays uncovered.

And now.. let’s aim for nights with a lot of sleep! For you and your baby!

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