5 Reasons to Love Babywearing

If you’re new to babywearing, it can be overwhelming. As a pregnant mother, there are so many choices to be made and worries to be had. The idea of one more choice to make, which baby carrier is right for me? Or should I even babywear to begin with? It can be daunting. So Team BABYmatters is going to break down some of our favorite reasons why we love to babywear and why you will, too!

1. Babywearing supports fourth-trimester bonding & connection

Wait, what? A fourth trimester you say? Yes! I know, the first three felt long enough but this one is probably the most beautiful of them all. You’ve just given birth to a sweet, tender, life.

This period refers to the first three months after birth and it’s when your little one is moving from the familiar comfort of your warm, dark womb to a new environment full of unfamiliar sights, sounds, smells, and sensations. At this time, baby is adjusting to a time of enormous change and development. Babywearing can help support this transition for the baby by keeping the baby close and connected to you. They need a lot of touch, containment, and holding. Whether wrapped up in a baby wrap or in  a carrier, babywearing promotes that critical bond between you and your child during the days that matter most. Babywearing allows you to stay connected and close throughout the day and attuned to baby’s cues and needs.

2. Baby cuddles & kisses

We always say to carry your baby so that she is ‘close enough to kiss.’ Get the oxytocin moving for you and for her by having baby close enough for baby snuggles. The closeness between you and baby stimulates the production of the hormone Oxtyocin, associated with all sorts of feel good hormones, bonding, and connection.

3. Babywearing is vital when you have more than one kiddo

Babywearing frees up your hands and the benefits of this are endless. One that you might not think of at first glance is the sweet ability to be able to hold your other child’s hands. Some mamas can comfortably tandem wear one baby carrier on front and another on the back. While this may not work for all parents and body types, another great option is to stroll with one child and babywear with the other, or walk with one and carry the other. Some older kiddos really love to be worn, too. Our carriers are safe up to 45 pounds!

4. Babywearing can improve postpartum depression

The Chief Science Officer at Ergobaby recently wrote an enlightening piece on postpartum depression. One of the pieces of research he cites finds that “mothers providing daily skin-to-skin contact to their newborn had significantly lower scores on the depression scales.” There is evidence to suggest that babywearing may help improve maternal postpartum depression. Mix in babywearing with activity such as walking or some other form of exercise and the benefits of babywearing for depression may be even greater.

5. Worn babies tend to cry less

There is evidence to suggest that while babywearing may not prevent or stop colic from occurring, that worn babies tend to cry less.


We wish you all the best on your babywearing journey.

We hope you come to love it as much as we do.

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