5 winter must-haves for children

It is almost the most wonderful time of the year again. However, having a cup of hot chocolate in your favourite local coffee bar with friends is currently out of the question. But don’t worry, we have the perfect items to keep your little one warm if you do want to go out for a stroll!

1 - The Voksi footmuff is filled with wool and down. Together these materials form a thick but airy layer that keeps your baby cosy and warm. The wool in the bottom part has the unique ability to transport moisture away from the baby’s body, so that your little one won’t sweat. The outside of the footmuff was given a Bionic Finish Eco treatment which makes the outer layer water repellent and protected against dirt.

Do you like fun prints? Be sure to check out the Elodie footmuffs!

Voksi and Elodie footmuffs

2 - Caps, beanies, baby hats... Whatever you are looking for, Elodie has it! Your baby loses a lot of heat from his head. This means that, especially in winter, it is very important to keep his head warm with a nice cap or hat. The winter bonnets are really nice and warm because of the soft teddy lining.

3 - You can keep your baby warm in the car or stroller with a Voksi baby wrap (from birth to age 1) or poncho (ages 1 to 4). There are holes in the back of the wrap so you can still securely fasten your little one with the safety belt or harness. In addition, the wrap will always stay closed due to the Velcro strips along the edges. The Voksi poncho is the perfect and safer alternative to a winter jacket for car journeys.

4 - A newborn’s nails can be incredibly sharp, which can sometimes cause your baby to hurt himself. The Elodie baby mittens not only protect your baby from his own sharp nails, but are also ideal for a cold winter’s walk. Would you prefer waterproof mittens? For children up to 3 years of age, the mittens with Midnight Fly and White Tiger print are super fun! The zipper allows older children to easily put on and take off the mittens themselves.

Elodie beanie and mittens

5 - If you love being out and about, a baby carrier with 2-in-1 winter protection is definitely a good idea. This cover can be easily attached onto the shoulder straps of your Ergobaby baby carrier. The carrier has warm, soft fleece on the inside and has a wind- and waterproof exterior.

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