Why the Bombol bouncer is the best for your baby

Are you still looking for a handy baby bouncer with a beautiful design and which is made of antibacterial yarn? With the Bombol Bouncer you get much more than just a nice relax for your baby.

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Protect your family from Covid with bombol blast uv

UV-C light neutralises bacteria, fungi and viruses. UV-C rays are therefore an effective way of disinfecting all kinds of (baby) items. The Bombol Blast UV sterilises small items up to the size of a baby bottle in as little as 5 minutes. We’ve also put together a handy list of baby items that it’s a good idea to disinfect regularly.

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5 new, innovative products for babies

At BABYmatters, you'll find innovative baby items that should definitely make it on to your baby registry or birth list. In 2021, we welcomed no less than five products that had an unusual design. These five baby items make life easier for moms, dads and babies.

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Pop-up™ Booster: the super-compact booster seat from Bombol

Do you like going out with your family or regularly going on family trips? This foldable seat booster from Bombol will take you everywhere! We asked 3 families to test the Pop-Up™ Booster for us – here’s what they thought of it!

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How to make the kids’ table at Christmas actually kid-friendly

Christmas holidays and the time leading up to the end of the year can be tough on children... and if you have children! They eat food they’re not used to and end up sitting at the children's table with other little ones they might not know very well. And then they have to behave well, too! Here are a few tips and must-have items to make the party table the best place in the house.

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The three reasons to buy your baby essentials locally

More people now want to shop local, and that’s a good thing! It allows you to support the local economy, the hardworking entrepreneurs in your own town, city or neighbourhood. Going to local shops is always a good idea. If you are still in doubt, we can hopefully convince you, because when it comes to baby shopping, there are three reasons why shopping locally (or in the web shop of a local entrepreneur!) is better.

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NEW: Blast UV™ Disinfector

Did your child drop his pacifier on the floor? With the Blast UV™ Disinfector, you can easily sterilise various items on the go in just 5 minutes! With its UV-C rays, the Blast UV™kills 99.99% of viruses (such as Covid-19 and equivalents) and 99.9998% of bacteria. This safe, compact and handy steriliser is perfect for quickly making items up to the size of a baby bottle bacteria-free.

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Bombol bouncer for babies and toddlers: reviews

Bombol creates innovative children's products that make the lives of both babies and parents more enjoyable. The hard-wearing Bouncer made from 3DKnit™ Bamboo is a unique product that can be used by both babies and children up to the age of 5 years. Read all about this special bouncer and discover what our Bombol testers thought about it.

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