3 tips to reconnect with your companion after the birth of your baby

One of the most common challenges as a mom or a dad with a newborn at home? Isolation. It’s no secret that ‘being together’ gets a whole new meaning once you’ve welcomed a baby in your family. We give you three tips in order to easily find your way back to each other!

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Why the Ergobaby Embrace baby carrier is indispensable for mommy Stefanie

Some time ago, Stefanie became a third-time mom. With toddler, an infant and a newborn at home, Stefanie and her husband they have more than their hands full. THE must have in that case? Our brand new Ergobaby Embrace baby carrier!

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What is hip dysplasia?

During bone formation, it’s very important that your baby is sat in an ergonomic position.

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What's the correct hip position for your baby?

Lots of baby carriers without infant inserts that are offered nowadays don’t offer enough support to babies’ hips in their first months.

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Embrace the ‘Embrace’. The brand new Ergobaby baby carrier!

You no longer have to decide whether you’ll use a baby carrier or a baby wrap. Because Ergobaby has launched a new baby carrier: we welcome the Ergobaby Embrace, the perfect cross between a baby carrier and a baby wrap. And ideal for… newborns!

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Calming down your crying baby in only one minute

American paediatrician Harvey Karp presented a revolutionary 5-step method to soothe crying babies in one minute. To this day, his method is a relief for desperate parents.

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About babywearing and the ergonomic M-position

What’s the ergonomic correct way to carry a baby? What’s the M-position?

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Nursing tips for the Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow

Nursing tips for the Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow: Cradle position, clutch position and bottle-feeding tips

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