3 tips to reconnect with your companion after the birth of your baby

One of the most common challenges as a mom or a dad with a newborn at home? Isolation. It’s no secret that ‘being together’ gets a whole new meaning once you’ve welcomed a baby in your family. We give you three tips in order to easily find your way back to each other!

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What is hip dysplasia?

During bone formation, it’s very important that your baby is sat in an ergonomic position.

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What's the correct hip position for your baby?

Lots of baby carriers without infant inserts that are offered nowadays don’t offer enough support to babies’ hips in their first months.

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Calming down your crying baby in only one minute

American paediatrician Harvey Karp presented a revolutionary 5-step method to soothe crying babies in one minute. To this day, his method is a relief for desperate parents.

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What’s the most ideal carrying position at what age?

With our baby carriers of Tula and Ergobaby, you can carry your baby in different, ergonomic positions. But which position is actually the most ideal one? Team BABYmatters gives you some explanation!

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How to comfort a crying baby?

Is your baby hungry? Struggling with cramps? Is there a diaper in need of changing? Too much stimuli at once? Or just exhaustion? If your newborn baby is crying, you go down the entire list of options. Sometimes, you immediately find the problem, but from time to time, your baby may seem inconsolable. If crying is limited to a couple of times a day, the moments when the screaming is unexplainable aren’t too bad to deal with.

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On the road with children: what do you certainly take with you?

When you go on the road with small children, it quickly turns into half a move. Before you know it, you are filling half of the trunk of your car and not only your diaper bag but also your own purse is bursting. It’s completely unnecessary of course! But you only start to realize that when you’re back home. Sigh. Team BABYmatters reveals 5 must-take-essentials and before you know it, you’re on the road!

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How to make your baby feel safe

It is something that a lot of recently moms, who have recently given birth, struggle with: how do you make that little helpless being feel safe and cosy, like he/she did in the womb? Experts have researched this, and this is, in brief, their conclusion: keep your baby the first few months close to you, in all possible ways. The risk of spoiling him/her? Non-existent, according to the British zoologist Desmond Morris.

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