About babywearing and the ergonomic M-position

What’s the ergonomic correct way to carry a baby?

  • M-position
  • Arms together
  • Head on one line with the spinal cord
  • Head supported while asleep
  • Neck supported while awake
  • Both shoulders supported
  • Buttocks supported
  • Baby’s weight rests on buttocks, thighs and back, and is divided between the shoulders, hips, and back of the carrier
  • Two fingers of space between the baby’s chin and the carrier’s chest: chin up, mouth free = easier breathing
  • Carrying height: high enough to kiss your baby’s head

What’s the M-position?

The M-position is the ergonomically correct position for babies. It’s the position babies have in the uterus: with lightly spread and raised legs and the back in a C-shape.

Every other position can be harmful for the development of the hips and spinal cord, and can cause divergences such as hip dysplasia because of the femoral head not being placed in the acetabulum correctly.


  • Legs stretched or spread completely (90°)
  • Knees unsupported
  • Stretched spinal cord
  • Legs not raised (knees level or under buttocks)


  • Legs slightly spread (less than 30°)
  • Legs raised (knees level with the navel)
  • Bent spinal cord (natural C-shape)

= M-position









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