Are you looking for sustainable baby products? You’ll find them at BABYmatters!

For young parents, sustainability is becoming increasingly important when it comes to the layette, the latest must-haves for a new-born baby or even for items to furnish and decorate the nursery. The two questions they often have when looking for products are: Is the quality guaranteed? And what materials were used in making this product?

Team BABYmatters applauds drive towards more sustainability. Quality lasts longer, and fortunately our brands realise that as well. We are giving a few tips on how to recognise sustainable products!

Quality = longer use

This makes sense, of course, but how do you recognise quality products? A good measure: check if a product has the right certificates!

The CE mark
Any product sold in Europe must have this mark, otherwise it cannot be sold because the safety is not guaranteed. All BABYmatters brand products have this important CE mark! But we go a step further than just this “basic certification’…

Oeko-Tex 100, Class 1 label
Are you looking for baby textiles? Then check if it has an Oeko-Tex certification, because that’s a real must. It is quite hard for a product to get this certificate! Oeko-Tex is an international association of independent test centres, which tests the safety and durability of textile products.

In other words, they turn all textiles and products submitted inside out and subject them to all kinds of tests and checklists. Zippers, buttons, yarn, labels, ... everything is tested and looked at! If products come into contact with the skin of young children, they have to undergo extra testing and have to meet even stricter requirements. If everything is found to be safe, a product is given this important Oeko-Tex 100, Class 1 label.

We are therefore very proud that all Voksi products have this certification! Elodie’s blankets and dribble cloths are also certified, as are the play rugs, beanies, bibs and so much more. And... even the Tula baby carriers are Oeko-Tex 100, Class 1 approved!

The RoHS directive and the EN71 standard
When it comes to electronic equipment, it is mandatory in Europe to comply with the RoHS directive, i.e. electrical and electronic products must contain as few hazardous substances as possible. This includes baby monitors and steamers for vegetable porridge, for instance, but also night lights.

Our Yumi Yay night lights of course comply with the RoHS standard and have also received the EN71 approval for toys. In other words, they are safe and of good quality, and you will be able to enjoy them for a long time.


Products made of sturdy, durable materials that last longer. Very logical, of course. But what exactly are sustainable materials? We’re introducing two here!

Food-grade silicone
Silicone is a synthetic material that can often be found in the kitchen, and it is used for baking moulds, ice-cream moulds, straws, ladles and spatulas. It is an unbreakable material, and therefore very durable. You can use it in the oven and the dishwasher, which makes silicone products very hard-wearing. 

It is also the perfect material for the animal covers of our Yumi Yay night lights! Because... it is safe if small children put it in their mouths!

Bamboo products are seen more and more in baby and children’s stores. And rightly so, as bamboo products have a small ecological footprint, which makes them very sustainable. In addition, bamboo products are often antibacterial and compostable.

And did you know that the bamboo sets from Elodie’s EAT collection - unlike some other bamboo plates and bowls - can go in the dishwasher and the microwave? Hooray!

Of course, these are not the only sustainable materials we have in our store. What about the EVA foam and the recyclable ABS plastic of our MODU blocks or the BPA & phthalate-free plastic of the OXO Tot tableware? These are all hard-wearing and will last for years, which also makes these materials very sustainable.

Team BABYmatters is very proud of all the efforts our brands are making to make the world of babies and small children more and more sustainable step by step!

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