Bombol bouncer for babies and toddlers: reviews

Bombol creates innovative children's products that make the lives of both babies and parents more enjoyable. The hard-wearing Bouncer made from 3DKnit™ Bamboo is a unique product that can be used by both babies and children up to the age of 5 years. Read all about this special bouncer and discover what our Bombol testers thought about it.

Bombol Bouncer Reviews

We gave moms Eline and Caro the opportunity to test the Bombol bouncer. They are now happy to share their thoughts with us.

Mummy Eline: "My 4-month-old son, Luca, is very comfortable in his Bombol Bouncer. I was pleasantly surprised by the softness of the fabric and how ergonomic the seat was, which is really important for a baby. When he's not feeling very happy, I just rock the bouncer with my foot and it cheers him up!

The bouncer is collapsible, making it super easy to take with you when you’re travelling, visiting grandparents, etc. The bouncer is very compact and takes up very little space in the car boot."

Mummy Caro used the bouncer for her two sons: "We have had the Bombol Bouncer for a few months now and have used it both for our 5-month old baby and our toddler, who is almost 4 years old. So we don’t just use it as a bouncer, but a high chair as well! The relax can be really quickly converted, allowing us to switch easily between the two.

It provides great support for both our sons and they love to sit in it. What we also like is the clever design – the relax looks great in our living room. It’s got to be easy on the eye as well, you know!"

What makes the Bombol Bouncer so special?

  • There’s no need to use a cover on it since the 3D woven bamboo mesh yarn is anti-bacterial and very easy to maintain. The fabric is very easy to clean using a damp cloth.
  • A great advantage of the Bombol Bouncer is that it’s been made to last for years. The seat has been tested and approved and can bear up to 100 kg thanks to the light, yet super strong, aerospace aluminium frame.
  • The Dynamic Backrest™ is an adjustable backrest that fits to your baby's body. It also ensures that your child's legs and back are always at an ergonomic angle of 90°. The backrest provides a comfortable hammock effect and is made from breathable material so it’s extra comfortable for your baby, even on hot days.
  • The bouncer can grow along with your child and can be used from birth to around the age of 5 years! This means your toddler can also use it as a type of high chair to watch TV.
  • The Bombol Bouncer is not only beautifully designed, but every last detail is also ergonomic. The soft 3D mesh yarn adapts to your child's body, providing optimal support for the back, head and neck.
  • The frame consists of two parts so you can easily take the bouncer apart to go on holiday, visit grandparents or take a day trip.
  • The sleek design will look good in any interior.

The Bombol Bamboo Bouncer is more than just a bouncer. You not only get a piece of baby furniture for your house, you also get a comfortable seat for your toddler!

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