Convenience when out and about with your child? These two essentials are just the ticket!

As a mum or dad, you're sure to recognise this: you want to catch some fresh air with your child but you feel you have to pack everything but the kitchen sink. A nappy bag filled with bibs, dummies, spare clothes, bottles, nappies and 101 other things. A stroller, with or without a large basket. A car seat, a coat, a hat, a favourite blanket and the favourite cuddly toy. Admit it, you're exhausted before you’ve even opened the front door. But no need to panic, here’s some reassurance.

For convenient and compactness during your outdoor explorations, all you need is a good ergonomic baby carrier and a compact buggy. The Metro Stroller by Ergobaby is one such compact buggy, which you can use from birth onwards, thanks to the newborn kit. The Metro is easy to collapse with just one hand, even with the newborn kit on the frame. This means it's easy to transport in the boot of your car but thanks to the Metro Stroller, you can also use public transport without any hassle.

And this is where the combination with the ergonomic baby carrier by Tula or Ergobaby  comes in handy! While you’re waiting for your train, you put your baby in the baby carrier, safe and snug. You fold up the buggy with one hand and get on that train! Or what if you want to pop into a busy coffee bar? Put your child in the baby carrier, keeping your hands free to carry the folded Metro and have a cup of coffee. Hurray!

Looking for a similarly compact but slightly more fashionable buggy? Then take a look at the Mondo Stroller by Elodie Details. Just as compact, comfortable and convenient but with a trendy look. The Mondo can also be used from birth because the group 0 car seat fits on the frame thanks to the adapters!

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