Design – some trivia about the Ergobaby Metro Stroller

It’s of course incredible that the Ergobaby Metro stroller is so unbelievably compact. But that such a compact design can still be so ergonomic, that’s unseen. How did the team at Ergobaby start designing this unique stroller?

Honestly: it took a long time before the Ergobaby Metro set foot on the ground. Because developing, designing, executing, testing, improving,… it takes time. Not only time of course. Designing a compact Metro takes a lot of creative ideas and solutions and brainwork of  experts.

The American design bureau HUGE Design contributes in a large way towards the design of the Ergobaby Metro stroller. Each little detail has thoroughly been discussed and tested  by them, especially to see if it performs its function- but also to check whether it carries out the right message.

It’s for instance no coincidence that the Ergobaby Metro Stroller has a black frame, and that the red, grey and blue sunshades contrast with their dark frame. This crossroads stands for the robustness of the stroller on the one hand, and the soft and ergonomic characteristics of the Metro on the other. The round shape of the sunshade represents also the figurative embrace of your baby. An embrace which offers serenity and safety, the ideal spot for your little darling.

Before the final design was definitively confirmed, the designers first carried out a comprehensive study in young parents- to learn what young, urban families expect from baby products. Based on the study, it was concluded that young families, which take part in the urban life, are especially in search of products with a chic look, which combine top quality and functionality. And voila! The Ergobaby Metro stroller was created.

And because BABYmatters, Ergobaby and so many young parents out there use the Metro as a loyal and trendy travelling companion, our favorite compact stroller has already been rewarded with a high esteemed prize: the IF Design Award 2019.

Discover here which colour you would choose for your award-winning Ergobaby Metro!

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