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Discover the brand new collection by Elodie!

As expected, our Swedish brand Elodie has again released a beautiful new collection for the Fall and Winter. The collection is called “Dare To Be Rare” and is a great mix of fashion colours, trendy prints and perfect mix & match combinations. Discover them now!

“Do the universe a favour little one, and never hide your magic. Dare to be rare.”

That is what this great new collection is all about, a world full of colours. A place where white tigers roam wild and sunsets can have the most fantastical colours. This Fall/Winter collection pays homage to the wondrous world in which we raise our children, in the hope that it can be a place where they can be unique, be themselves. 

The new prints in the “Dare to be rare” collection are great designs, with white tigers, moths and magical sunsets. The colour palette combines graphic black-and-white patterns with chocolate brown, clay and dark-blue tones, with the odd funky green detail!

Real eye-catchers

The bamboo pacifiers really deserve a mention. For more than two years, Elodie has been working on a new, sustainable type of pacifier, and the result is great! The dummies are available with two teats: a symmetrical teat made out of natural latex rubber and an orthodontic silicone teat. And don't forget about a matching pacifier chain!

These Soft Shell diaper bags are both fashionable and functional! This new size diaper bag offers plenty of room for diapers, bottles and hydrophilic cloths, but also for your laptop.

These padded Baby Bonnets are the cutest thing you’ll see this winter and real must-haves! The vintage look makes them look truly adorable, and the shearling lining keeps your little one warm and cosy when you are out and about!

Discover the Dare To Be Rare collection here!

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