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Don’t complain, but carry!

The Dutch Lianne is the proud mom of a cute baby girl and a strong toddler (son), but during her second pregnancy, she already started thinking about the practical side of parenthood with two little ones. In this blog, she will tell us all about her search for the ideal tools!

“Sometimes you just don’t know what to do! Baby 2 is on the way, and baby 1 will be 20 months old when baby 2 is born. What should we do with our pushchair? A seat? A board? Should we buy a double stroller? Or should we take a closer look at the world of ergonomic carriers? We actually quickly made our choice: Mees loves to take a walk, so I think it will be nice to try a baby carrier and if it doesn’t work out, we can still purchase a double stroller.

When the Adapt baby carrier of Ergobaby arrived, I immediately tested it with a doll, because I had never used a baby carrier before, so I had to get used to it.

Soon after, we did it: I went out with baby Vive and toddler Mees. Well.. it’s really awesome! First I didn’t get why people buy a baby carrier, now I don’t understand why we never used one before (yes, really!). It’s so practical and it feels great! You can do everything and you have your hands available (to vacuum, to cook, and to do the laundry: a win-win situation).

In the beginning, I saw the tutorials on the website of BABYmatters, because how on earth do you put on an ergonomic baby carrier by yourself..? It’s only fair to say: I don’t like reading the manual so it’s great that you can find the explanation on!

During our first summer holiday with the four of us, it was really practical: we couldn’t do without! Vive slept so well in her Ergobaby  at the airport and because of that Mees could sleep in his stroller. Once we arrived at our destination, our Ergobaby was also a great practical solution during walks and diners!













You can already guess that I’m a real fan of the ergonomic carrier of Ergobaby. I even cannot understand that I didn’t start carrying sooner. 😊

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