How to comfort a crying baby?

Is your baby hungry? Struggling with cramps? Is there a diaper in need of changing? Too much stimuli at once? Or just exhaustion? If your newborn baby is crying, you go down the entire list of options. Sometimes, you immediately find the problem, but from time to time, your baby may seem inconsolable. If crying is limited to a couple of times a day, the moments when the screaming is unexplainable aren’t too bad to deal with.

Some babies, however, tend to cry for hours, days and nights, without a clear-cut reason. They’re restless and frustrated, but doctors can’t find any allergies or other health issues. They grow and develop properly. They just do it while constantly crying, to their parents’ despair. You try switching their diet, putting the cradle somewhere else, making their bedroom darker,… But after buying countless different brands of powdered milk and bottled water you end up completely exhausted and having to watch helplessly from the sidelines. Both your mental and physical strength are tested to the limits in times like these.

Swaddling helps

Research has shown that swaddling  helps crying babies calm down. Wrapped in a swaddling blanket, babies sleep peacefully for longer periods of time. A sleeping baby isn’t only a blessing at night, but during the day as well: by crying all through the day and night, your baby ends up in a vicious cycle of being overtired, which leads to even more crying.

> Babies fall asleep more easily

Crybabies tend to overstretch themselves. Their body is constantly tense which makes it harder for them to sleep peacefully and makes them wake up often. By swaddling them in a swaddling blanket, you help them feel more safe, warm and protected – kind of how they felt in the uterus – which will make them fall asleep more peacefully.

> Babies sleep through the night more quietly

Every baby wakes up several times through the night and moves around a little bit when they do. Some babies’ own movements scare them, which leads to crying. When they’re swaddled, they can’t wake themselves up with their movements.

> Swaddling leads to a sense of rhythm, peace and regularity

Make sure to swaddle your baby before every nap or lie-down to create a natural rhythm of sleeping, being awake, and eating. This rule applies to all babies of course, but to uneasy babies in particular, who benefit even more from structure and order.

More advantages of swaddling

  • Your baby sleeps safely, because he or she can’t move around too much with loose sheets and blankets.
  • The body temperature of your baby is constant.
  • Babies can’t scratch themselves.

It’s very important that you swaddle  your baby properly to keep your baby from developing hip dysplasia.

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