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iZi Transfer: innovative carrying system by BeSafe

More and more young families are moving to the city and live in small houses or apartments. This means parents are always on the look-out for smart space-saving solutions. For BeSafe, this was a reason to develop a brand-new, compact product: the iZi Transfer. This innovative carrying system allows you to take your baby inside from the car or buggy while he is napping.

Back-friendly for baby and parents

The BeSafe iZi Transfer was developed by a team of physiotherapists and parents and is designed to gently transfer babies from their car seat to a stroller, your home or cot... Parents who tested the carrier stated that they found this system a great alternative to physically lifting their baby out of the car, as the iZi Transfer continues to support the baby’s entire body all the way.

It is also better for your back, because you don’t have to lift a bulky, heavy car seat.

Tip: Car seats are made to keep your baby safe when you are on the road. But did you know that it is better for your baby’s back to not leave him in a car seat for more than 2 hours? For that reason, it is much better to use the iZi Transfer when you want to gently transfer your child to a stroller or travel cot instead of leaving him in his car seat.

BeSafe iZi Transfer for moving a sleeping baby

Space saver

Young families have to make do with less and less space, so every inch saved is welcome. The iZi Transfer can be stored very compactly, and it takes up next to no room. What’s more, the carrying system can be used in almost any car seat or stroller!

Tip: Store the iZi Transfer in your diaper bag. You usually have to repack the diaper bag before leaving the house anyway, and this ensures you don’t forget to use it!

Comfortable for napping and carrying

Every parent knows about the dilemma of whether or not to move a sleeping baby out of a car seat or stroller. The iZi Transfer provides sufficient support for your child’s head, neck, back and hips and imitates a natural posture. This allows your child to continue to sleep peacefully while you move him; even when sat in a fixed car seat!

The carrying system is light as a feather and made of durable tencel, mesh and cotton; three breathable materials with an Oeko-Tex 100 standard, Class 1 certificate. The air flow was tested and approved based on the standards for baby mattresses. The soft and flexible handles also make carrying comfortable for parents.

Make things easy and comfortable for you and your baby and check out the iZi Transfer!

iZi Transfer: innovative carrying system by BeSafe


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