Leonie loves her Nomi Highchair!

At BABYmatters we love to hear real parents’ opinions of our products. Mummy Lotte let her little daughter Leonie try out our Nomi Highchair. Read below to see if it met with everyone’s approval!  

Mummy Lotte:

"Yippee! We’re allowed to try out the beautiful Nomi Highchair!" was our first reaction and, after testing it for almost a month, we are still shouting “Yippee!”.  Leonie was almost five months old when we could go and fetch our highchair. 

The highchair is well packaged, with all the screws in neat little bags and the large components in handy cardboard boxes (and our cat Frieda enjoyed the unpacking!).

Assembly of the highchair went very smoothly, even though Daddy wasn’t home to help.





Because Leonie couldn’t sit up at the time I attached the Nomi Baby to the highchair. What we noticed immediately is that the baby base is quite big (because Leonie was already 70 cm when we got the highchair!) and lovely and soft (not a hard plastic shell!). Compared with other highchairs your baby is also lying in a very horizontal position in the Nomi Baby. A big advantage, especially if your baby has only just been born! That way you can have your baby at the table with you but he or she is lying cosily in the Nomi Baby.

The only “disadvantage” of the Nomi Baby is that the safety harness is sometimes difficult to undo and do up. But once it was done up we were, of course, certain that the harness wouldn’t come undone again all by itself. Moving the highchair around is also very easy, the Nomi is very lightweight compared with lots of other highchairs.

After about three weeks Leonie decided she’d had enough of the Nomi Baby; she was now almost able to sit up by herself. At that moment lying “flat” was no longer any fun because she wanted to be able to look around her and discover her surroundings. So we then converted the Nomi Highchair, which grows with your child, and clicked the Nomi Mini onto it. The Nomi Mini restrainer is quite big, which means your child needs to be able to sit up properly otherwise they will “dance” around in the highchair.

What is very handy is the fact that the foot pad can be adjusted to your child’s height so that their feet don’t have to be left dangling in the air. And if they move rather energetically when in the Nomi there is no need to worry, this highchair stands firmly on the ground!

We are very pleased we were able to test the Nomi Highchair and now know we are going to get many years of enjoyment out of this highchair that evolves with your child’s needs.  We are already looking forward to eating outside on our terrace in the summer with Leonie sitting at the table with us in her wonderful highchair, because its light weight means it can easily be carried outside for every meal. Yippee again!

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