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Mommy Lieve and the arrival of her babyboy Sun !

In February, on a sunny winter day, Lieve became a second time mom. But what impact does the arrival of a second little one have on your family? Lieve tells us all about it!

On 7nd February, a sunny winter day, I became a second time mom. After being in labour for less than 15 minutes, there he was: baby Sun. With a two-year-old running around, we were really prepared for the arrival of baby number two, and yet again it was a boy.

I have to admit, I was a bit anxious to expand our family with another baby, because I wondered how I would manage having two little ones. Fortunately there was no reason to panic, because it wasn’t hard. I love watching the interaction between those two and personally everything feels far more natural to me. When I had Finn, everything was new to me, while I’m much more experienced now. Don’t get me wrong, breastfeeding a baby while your other child needs to go on the potty and wants some attention too is anything but soothing. Still I enjoy being a mom of two. The more, the merrier!

My husband and I both have busy lives. My husband is self-employed and I work fulltime at a production company in Antwerp. Consequently, I can’t wait to pick my children up from daycare after work. Each evening I can spend at least an hour with my two boys before they go to bed and I want to make the most of our time together.

That’s why the Nomi highchair is so practical, as I have to execute different tasks at the same time: cooking, entertaining Finn and giving attention to Sun. We have our own routine: Finn sits in his chair at the table with his puzzles and books, I collect all the ingredients to start cooking and Sun lies in his Nomi Baby between us two. Sun loves to watch us and is able to observe everything from his highchair. That’s what I really like about Nomi: Sun is part of everything. When the weather is good, we put the chair outside at the table, we can put it at the table inside our house or next to the armchair in front of the TV. Sun sits on his throne. I frequently have to get him out of his chair while he’s sleeping: it’s wonderful.

Back in the day, Finn also used to have a baby bouncer, which we put on the ground. It’s practical too but the Nomi highchair is much more practical. You don’t have to bend over to put your baby in the chair. The baby can observe everything at eye level.

That’s ideal for us, because it’s not hard to assemble the chair and we both hate the hassle of fiddling with assembling furniture (as in: assembling Ikea furniture).

One morning, heavily pregnant, I woke up and my husband had already put the Nomi Highchair together. What I really like is that you can choose the materials and color of almost all elements of the Nomi. We almost finished renovating our home and we chose all elements according to our floor and interior. This is quite important for us, as our interior is an important part of our house. Furthermore, the blue color of the cushion matches perfectly with my babies’ eyes (especially on a picture! 😊)

Baby products aren’t necessarily boring or bright and colorful, the design of the Nomi highchair being the prime example. We love it. The chair can also be used for more than 10 years, so we will be enjoying it for a long time.

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