Stay Sparky with Bombol!

Enjoy every single moment with your children! That is what Bombol stands for. To enjoy as much time as possible with your child, as a parent you prefer to spend as little time or effort as possible on things like a booster seat or a bouncer. With the modern parent in mind, one who likes to spontaneously take their children out on trips, the Bombol team has been working on innovative, practical and compact children's items. So you can keep on being that sparky source of fun for your children.

The story: Bombol, a mission and something about a bumblebee

Bombol was founded by Paulina, Frédéric and Francesco, engineers and industrial designers, but first and foremost parents. They looked for creative solutions to everyday obstacles. Being a parent should be fun, creative and relaxing, so they wanted to take out anything that might get in the way. With Bombol products you can be 100% spontaneous as a parent.

Okay, we know what Bombol stands for now, but where does the name come from? During a picnic with their oldest daughter, Paulina and Frédéric noticed the bumblebees flying from flower to flower. These bumblebees reminded them of their daughter: cute, chubby and a little bit clumsy. Paulina and Frédéric had been looking for a company name that sounded like baby gibberish, but still had a meaning. Bumblebee became 'Bombol' and so the adventure began.

Stay Sparky with Bombol Pou-Up Booster seat Bamboo 3DKnit Bouncer

The result: when innovation meets creativity

Bombol has launched two successful and multi-award-winning products: the Pop-Up™ Booster and the Bamboo 3DKnit™ Bouncer. Innovative, simple, high quality and top design!

The Pop-Up™ Booster is the first booster seat you can fold up to the size of a tablet and is super strong to boot. This means you can easily take it with you wherever you go and install it in seconds. It fits most chairs (with or without armrests) and is completely safe (five-point and three-point harness) for your child. The three-dimensional structure can carry children up to 75 kg (from six months). Once you've had a look at this booster seat and tried it out, it's easy to see why it's won multiple awards (including the Red Dot Design Award 2018, the IF Design Award 2018 and the DFA Grand Award 2018).

Stay Sparky with Bombol Pou-Up Booster seat Bamboo 3DKnit Bouncer

The Bamboo 3DKnit™ Bouncer is a bouncer for children from birth to 5 years old. This bouncer can hold weights up to 100 kg! The frame is made of high quality, unbreakable aerospace aluminium, so it is super sturdy! The bouncing seat is not only strong, but also very soft, flexible and pleasant for your child to lie down in. The fabric is made of 3D woven mesh from Altor yarn, which kills 99.9% of germs. This bouncer continues to optimally support your growing baby and has very few seams. And to top it all off, the Bamboo 3D Knit™ Bouncer received the IF Design Award (Product) in 2021. 

The ergonomic (and patented) Dynamic Backrest™ allows you to easily adjust the position of the backrest, even without waking your sleeping baby. The Dynamic Backrest™ also ensures that the baby is always in the ergonomic position (angle of more than 90 degrees between the back and the legs).

Always Forward and Better

Bombol does not stop at these two children's products. Their passion drives them to invent even more things to make the life of the modern parent easier and above all sparkier! 


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