The 8 best gifts for children aged 0 to 2

Are you looking for a fun gift for a child between 0 and 2 years of age? We’ve got you covered! At BABYmatters, you can find both fun and practical gifts for birthdays and other festive occasions. A small selection from our range...

MODU is a modular construction system, with blocks that can be connected to each other in various ways, to create amazing structures and to play with. MODU stimulates and supports a child's motor skills and creativity. The new half-ball set offers even more creative opportunities!

The playful Yumi Yay night lights and bedtime stories are great for a joyful and soothing night-time ritual. The colourful and playful design immediately catches the attention of children. Take your little one along on an adventure in the Yumi Yay world with one of the four recognisable stories about Billy, Finn, Otti and Tika.

New in our product range: TIMIO! Are your children spending way too much time on a tablet or other mobile device? Then this interactive and educational audio player is the perfect gift! The set contains 5 different magnetic discs, full of stories, games and music. And all that content is available in 8 different languages! The perfect way to keep your child entertained – screen-free – at the party table! ;-)

A backpack by Elodie is ideal for children who like to go out on adventures or who are about to go to school for the first time. The backpacks are available in various colours and prints.

Wearing a thick winter coat in a car seat is not really safe. The Voksi poncho is the perfect and safe alternative to keep your little one warm, also in a car seat. Suitable for children aged 1 to 4.

The metal cutlery and napkins by Elodie are sustainable gifts with a vintage look. You can have the cutlery engraved or have the name of the child embroidered on the napkins. This makes the gift unique and personal!

Are you looking for a more practical and functional gift? The Flippy snack box by OXO  Tot is both fun and useful; ideal for kids who like to make a mess!

The doll carriers by Ergobaby and Tula are great gifts for kids who like to carry their doll or cuddly bear, like mom and dad. The perfect gift for kids who have just welcomed a baby brother or sister!

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