“The BeSafe Haven really is the softest baby carrier I have ever felt”

When Noah reached the milestone of 12 kg, his mom Lisa (@crispandhazy) decided it was time for a comfortable, ergonomic carrier. One she could use to let her son discover the world around him. In the BeSafe Haven carrier, her family finally found their ‘partner in crime’. 

Why did you go for the BeSafe carrier?

I love wearing Noah (a lot), but I noticed that he was getting too heavy (12 kg) for our old baby carrier. I could really feel the tension in my neck and shoulders. I also have very slim shoulders, and with the other carriers, the straps would quite easily slip off my shoulders.

This never happened with the Haven, and it really is such a joy to wear. Noah’s weight is more evenly distributed, and he sits on my hips more, which means I can hardly feel that I am carrying him.

What do you like most about the Haven?

The Flex-Shape Buckles are super handy and make the carrier a lot more user-friendly than the other carriers I used. It moves with you and adjusting the straps is very easy. My partner and I differ a lot in body height and type, and it is great to have a carrier that can be easily adjusted.

The Haven really is the softest baby carrier I have ever felt. The lining is made from sustainable tencel and is super comfy to the touch, both for Noah and myself. The flexible fabric shapes itself to Noah’s body.

The zipper near the head support is super practical. If our son falls asleep, I ‘zip him up', to provide extra head support, and when he wakes up, I open up the zipper again so he can look around.

BeSafe Haven baby carrier interview crispandhazy

What does Noah think of your carrier adventures?

Noah loves sitting in the carrier. Usually, the first half an hour he is fascinated by everything we see along the way. Sitting in the carrier is super calming, and he often falls asleep after half an hour or so.

What is your favourite carrying position?

Because Noah is already quite heavy, I prefer to carry him on my back, and the BeSafe Haven is ideal for that. Noah can explore the world that way and keep an eye on everything. The inflatable cushion provides Noah with extra comfort in this position.

BABYmatters guarantees ergonomically and safe products with a unique design. Does that describe the Haven?

Absolutely! You can really see that BeSafe paid a lot of attention to the design of the Haven. The unique Flex-Shape Buckles make the carrier very easy to use and ergonomic for parents. At first, it took me a bit of time to get used to the extra safety catch on the hip clasp, but I quickly got the hang of it and it gives a great sense of security when you are wearing your child. The comfort pads and storage bag that come with the baby carrier, are a surplus!

The BeSafe Haven carrier is available in 7 types. Discover them all here!


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