The ideal carrier for you and your baby

Are you not quite sure which carrier you want to get? Do you want to start baby carrying straight after birth or wait a bit? Will you mostly be using the carrier inside or do you like to venture out and about? We are here to help you make the right choice!

For the doubters

Do you want a combination of a wrap and a baby carrier? The Ergobaby Embrace combines the softness of a wrap with the ease of use of a structured baby carrier. It is great to carry your new-born close to your body when they don’t want to sleep or need comforting. Instant love and cuddles guaranteed!

For the adventurers

Do you prefer to use an all-position carrier? You can! The Ergobaby Omni 360, Tula Explore and the new BeSafe Haven can be used to carry children of any age, from new-borns to children weighing approx. 20 kg. The carrier allows you to carry your little one facing you, but you can also select the forward-facing position. Ideal for families who want to venture out of the house and curious babies! You do not need to worry, because the carrier design ensures an ergonomic M-posture is maintained.

For parents with older children

If your child weighs 11 kg or more, and you are not yet tired of carrying them, the Tula Toddler is the perfect choice for you. The wide back panel comfortably supports your child and guarantees the ergonomic M-posture. This carrier is ideal if your child gets tired during a walk or needs comforting. The Tula Toddler is suitable for carrying your child against your chest or on your back.

Whether you are a doubter, adventurer or have older children… Our best advice is: try them! Try out a number of carriers and discover which one suits your body type before you buy one. You can always go to your favourite baby store or (local) webstore for advice. They are happy to help you discover what carrier is best for you.

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