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The lucky charm of Jasmijn, Pieter and baby Ezra

Pieter and Jasmijn became the proud parents of Otto Nelson (4 years old) and Ezra Boaz (4 months old). When Ezra was born, they looked for a tool to facilitate their lives with two energetic sons. And uhm.. Hello there, Tula Free-to-Grow!

I panicked with almost all the ‘firsts’ of my oldest son. Climbing or descending those three steps in front of our house for the first time with the stroller? It felt like climbing the Mount Everest! Breastfeeding in public for the first time? First I had to build a closed off fortress with muslin blankets. Putting on the baby carrier on my own for the first time? It took me almost an hour.

Now, four years later, I drag the stroller along on endless staircases if necessary and I breastfeed my youngest son without even blinking, whenever and wherever. It was only the baby carrier, which we bought for our oldest son, that frustrated us and made us swear a lot. So we had to find a new tool to efficiently move around by foot or bicycle with an energetic four-year-old and a baby. Here comes the Tula Free-to-Grow!

Why are we fan?

  • Seen the fact that we don’t own a car, we almost always hit the road by foot or by bicycle. Consequently, we travel a lot of kilometers with our baby carrier and that works out fine for us with our Free-to-Grow as we don’t experience back or shoulder pain. The carrier is light and compact and offers the needed support to the baby and yourself. Even if we go somewhere with the stroller, we don’t forget to bring our Tula just in case
  • We both intensively use the baby carrier, and we even exchange it during an excursion. With the Free-to-Grow that’s not a problem at all. You can easily adjust the baby carrier in only three movements to the posture of the carrier, with the baby in the baby carrier.
  • Our oldest son was born in November and we carried him a lot in a wrap during the coldest winter months. Our youngest was born during a heat wave and was almost immediately overheated in the wrap. The Free-to-Grow baby carrier is very suitable to use when it’s warm (or cold) outside. Imagine: intense contact with mommy and daddy without being grilled as baby.
  • Our little one always immediately falls into a deep sleep in the baby carrier. I often take it off at home, while I keep letting him sleep in his little bed in his carrier. Because the concept is so easy, it’s really feasible!

So hurray to the lucky charm of many months!

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