The Story of Ergobaby

The Ergobaby carriers are and have been a household name for years. Carrying your baby in an ergonomic way, with comfort for both parents and babies – that’s Ergobaby. Where did Ergobaby originate? How did they evolve from that very first model to the current collection? It all started with a Danish mum living in Hawaii…

All parents experience the birth of their child as a moment that changes their lives completely. This was no different for Karin Frost, especially since the birth of her first child also marked the beginning of her new career. When Karin’s son was born in 2001, she started looking for ways to keep her newborn baby as close to her as possible. But Karin couldn’t find what she was looking for anywhere: a safe and healthy way of carrying for both mum and child. The solution: designing it herself.

Her Master’s degree in Design and her 15 years worth of experience in designing clothing formed the natural base for the start of her project: developing an ergonomic carrier that would support her son’s back in the most comfortable and ergonomic way and that would equally divide his weight over the shoulders and hips of the person wearing the baby carrier. What started as a project for Karin’s own baby soon became a project for all kids around the globe. Soon after having completed her own carrier, type Original, friends, family, and even people she didn’t know started approaching her because they were interested in an ergonomic baby carrier as well.

In 2003, her vision became a reality: Karin launched her company Ergobaby, which has by now grown to be a brand known all over the world.

The brand extended their collection, from baby carriers (besides Original Phoenix, they added types Adapt, 360 Sunrise, Omni 360 and Embrace) to sleeping bags, swaddlers and nursing pillows. Never losing track of the same norms and values: the products have to be ergonomic, comfortable and safe for both baby and parent.

The story still continues to this day, and even though Ergobaby has grown to be a worldwide company with export to all corners of the world, Karin Frost follows the development of new Ergobaby products very attentively in Hawaii. That’s where everything is still thought of, drawn up and developed from scratch. Hand sowing the prototypes, choosing the textile, and designing the products: it’s all decided there.

Ergobaby is truly an example of how the birth of one baby 17 years ago can make so big of a difference for millions of babies around the globe.

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