Which Ergobaby or Tula baby carrier should I choose?

What babies want most is to be able to see, feel and smell their mom or dad, as this makes them feel safe. If you carry your baby, you satisfy all those three needs at the same time. Your baby can see you, smell you, hear your voice and heartbeat, and feel your body warmth. Because of these sensory observations, your baby feels safe and secure (as safe as in the womb), will show more of an interest in his environment and develop social skills.

Carrying your baby also makes things easier for you. Travelling on the bus or train, walking up and down the stairs, cooking, or playing with older siblings - all these things are no longer a problem. Your baby is always nearby and you have your hands free to do other things.

Ergonomic ergobaby carrier

“Together #inmyergo”, that is what Ergobaby guarantees young parents. All Ergobaby carriers – Embrace, Adapt and Omni 360 – can be used from birth, are back-friendly (AGR) and offer the ErgoPromise Guarantee.

Ergonomic Ergobaby baby carrier for kids

Ergonomic Tula carrier

The cheerful Tula carriers are available in various designs, all with their own specifications and possibilities. What all the Tula carriers – Free-to-grow and Explore – have in common, is that they are 100% ergonomic and safe. The carriers are available in various fun and modern prints, and are very comfortable for both the child and the parents because of the soft, supple fabric.

Ergonomic Tula baby carrier for kids

Which carrier should i buy? That's a good question!

The range is very varied, so both the Ergobaby and Tula will have the ideal carrier for your body type and lifestyle. All these carriers can be used from birth, without any extra accessories. Compare our ergonomic carriers in the table below and discover which carrier is suitable for carrying your baby on your back, stomach or hip, what the maximum weight is and whether you can use the padded shoulder straps straight or crossed.

Compare Ergobaby and Tula baby carriers for kids

Read more about ergonomic baby wearing and the ergonomic M-position and 3 useful tips to prolong your baby carrier’s service life.

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