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Which is the best sleeping bag to use for my baby?

Putting your baby in a sleeping bag remains the safest way of putting him or her down for a sleep.  Your child’s face is free and, won't disappear underneath the blankets and in addition, during the first few months a sleeping bag makes it more difficult for your baby to roll over onto his or her tummy. Sleeping on the tummy is one of the factors that increases the risk of cot death, being too hot is another. Because if heat cannot escape easily, heat can accumulate. And that can be dangerous. So using the correct sleeping bag is extremely important.

We are therefore proud to present the Ergobaby sleeping bags! Your baby can sleep safely and cosily in this because it is an extremely light sleeping bag made from 100% Premium Cotton. And, in addition, it is a sleeping bag that you can use for a long time!

Thanks to the adjustable armholes your child always fits perfectly in the sleeping bag, he or she doesn’t slide down inside it and the sleeping bag simply grows as your child grows.

An absolute must-have for toddlers who just can't wait to start playing after a nap: the Ergobaby On the Move Sleeping Bag, a cosy blanket for in and out bed! Thanks to the precut holes, you turn the Sleeping Bag into a playsuit in just a few seconds!

In addition, the Ergobaby sleeping bags also have handy openings through which you can pass the belts of a car seat. And that really is ideal when travelling in the car with your child! Because if your child falls asleep in the car you can simply take them out of the car and put them straight into their bed once you get home!

Ergobaby sleeping bags for children and babies

But we’ve got another tip for you. When choosing the ideal sleeping bag don’t forget to consider the TOG rating.

The TOG rating? What’s that?

To encourage safe sleeping TOG ratings are now used. These TOG ratings act as a guideline for you, the parent. TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade, so the TOG rating is an indication of a material’s insulation rating.

The higher the TOG rating, the higher the thermal and insulation rating of the material, taking the ambient temperature into account. And don’t forget to include the TOG rating of your child’s clothing in your calculation!   

In practice!

All the Ergobaby sleeping bags exist in three different TOG values. It means that we have a suitable thickness for each season – regarding the Classic Sleeping bags but also the On The Move Sleeping Bags.

The sleeping bags with a TOG value 0.5 are thinnest. Thanks to the airy and light Premium Cotton you can use these especially in summer time, when it’s nice and warm outside and therefore also in the nursery.

Those are the mid-season sleeping bags, with a TOG value of 1.0. It means that they are ideal when the temperatures aren’t extreme, so when it’s not extremely hot or cold. When you combine these sleeping bags with a onesie and a pyjama, you can use them very often.

Our thickest ones are the Ergobaby sleeping bags with a TOG value of 2.5. in winter it can get very cold outside, and it might also be difficult to make the nursery comfortably warm. Then, the sleeping bags with a TOG value of 2.5 are the perfect solution for your baby!

Choose your Ergobaby sleeping bag

When is your baby doing fine?

Cold hands at night don’t mean that your baby is cold. The best place to feel is on their neck or, if in doubt, feel their feet. If they are warmish then your baby is fine. If your child is sweating they are too hot. A baby that has a fever does not need to be covered up more. Because admit it, you don’t sleep very well if you are too hot either. And a good night’s rest is something you as a mum or dad really can’t do without!  

Does your newborn baby wake up quickly and easily? Then swaddling can be the solution! Discover the extra lightweight swaddlers from Ergobaby, with which you can give your baby that reassuring, recognisable feeling from in your tummy.

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