Why use the Ergobaby Carrier?

The Ergobaby carriers are recommended by paediatricians, midwives, nurses, osteopaths, and physiotherapists worldwide and have been awarded with countless prizes. The Ergobaby carrier was the Baby Product of the Year in 2011, for example!

1. Ergonomic for the baby

The Ergobaby carrier makes sure your baby is sat in the natural and ergonomic frog position, as long as your baby weighs between 3,2 and 20 kg. Do make sure you use the infant insert for babies who weigh between 3,2 and 5,5 kg.

The Ergobaby carriers are equipped with a little cap that supports the baby’s back and neck when he or she sleeps and protects the baby’s head from wind, light rain, or sun. You can lengthen or shorten the cap using the pushbuttons so that it grows along with your baby.

2. Comfortable for the parents

The thick and soft hip and shoulder straps distribute the baby’s weight over the shoulders, hip, and back of the carrier. Because of this, you can carry your baby without suffering from head, neck, shoulder, or back pain.

The Ergobaby carriers are ridiculously easy to put on without the help of somebody else. All straps and clasps are adjustable, making it easy for you to adjust the carrier to your body.

Watch here how to put on the Ergobaby carrier.

3. Four carrying positions

You can carry your baby on your stomach (faced outward or inward), your hip, and your back.

Newborn babies are carried on your stomach. You need to use the infant insert for babies who weigh less than 5,5 kg. When your baby is able to keep his head upright on his own and sit without support, you can opt to carry him on your stomach faced outward, your back, or your hip until he weighs more than 20 kg.






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