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Will the Nomi Highchair survive a household with three little kids?

The three kids of mommy Caroline tested our Nomi Highchair very intensively for a whole weekend. The result? A happy mom ànd happy kids!

There are a lot of highchairs for children on the market; so many that even I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Do I choose a basic model which is above all practical, but only exists in boring colors? Do I choose a beautiful designer chair which shines in the living room, but takes up quite a large part of my budget? Decisions, decisions to make, which make my head spin from time to time. As a result: I accepted grateful the old highchairs of a friend, and that would be it. It was a pity that I had different chairs, but the children could sit and eat. (Or they would throw their food from the plate. But at least they are sitting down). Everybody’s happy, but those boring heavy highchairs have been bothering me for years. Do you want to know how happy I was that I could test out the Nomi highchair? Very.

As from 0 until 99 years old!

First the theory: the Nomi Highchair exists in three versions. For newborns, there’s the Nomi Baby with base which you can use as from birth until the age of 6 months. At that point, you transform your highchair in a Nomi Mini version, adding a security bar to the chair for babies. The Nomi Mini can be used as soon as your baby is 6 months old. Afterwards, when your little one is 2 years old, you use the Nomi highchair without security bar. The Nomi is consequently a chair which you can use from 0 until 99  years old. My youngest daughter of 9 months old was happily sitting in her Nomi Mini while her older brother and sister of 3 and 5 years old felt very proud to already use the Nomi highchair without the security bar. Seeing how enthusiastic they were, they were obviously already fan of Nomi!

Mix & match!

The Nomi looks like a simple but classy highchair with a typical Scandinavian look. Each chair consists of a wooden base, with a seat and a back support. You can totally choose what your chair will look like, because the possibilities are endless. The base of the chair exists in 4 gorgeous wood species, so if you want to integrate walnut in your interior, you can, but you can also choose a pale oak version. Then there are 10 (!) color options for the plastic seats.

My opinion?

After a weekend of intensively testing Nomi, I see a lot of advantages. For starters, I think they are beautiful: the simple wooden base, combined with cheery colors, I love to see such a chair standing in my dining room. But what’s as important: the chairs are a lot more practical then the old massive wooden chairs we had. The Nomi highchairs are very light, thanks to the combination of wood with plastics. You can easily move them and you can hang them at the table. It’s ideal to vacuum underneath the table after each meal! But maybe the most important improvement, opposite to the old highchairs we had: the Nomi is ergonomic. The designer, Peter Opsvik (the man who created the Tripp Trapp, and now created the new and improved version, which is the Nomi Highchair), designed the chairs so the seat and footrest can be adjusted millimeter by millimeter (without tools!). Seen the fact that each kid is different, each child has a unique seating position. You can ensure this position using a Nomi chair.

The disadvantages?

I haven’t found any, after testing the Nomi chair intensively during a whole weekend. There were two situations though in which I had to scream. My youngest daughter is a  wild one. She pushed herself away from the table and, out of habit, I screamed and came to her rescue. But my sweet little girl didn’t tip over as she normally would. The chair just rolled backwards, thanks to the wheels on the back of the chair legs. They don’t roll when children sit nicely on their chair, but they do when they push themselves away from the table. Crisis averted! The second time I panicked was when that same crazy  baby decided to stand up and tried to liberate her little knees from the safety bar, which didn’t work out, by the way. I’m still going to buy her a little harness. Fortunately, the belt is one of the accessories which you can buy when you buy your Nomi chair, as the tray and soft cushions. Ideal for Houdini babies like mine! 😉

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