Everything about i-Size

I-Size: a new regulation for car seats

i-Size is the new standard for c

ar seats. But what exactly does i-Size mean? How does this new standard differ from the current ECE R44-04? How do the BeSafe car seats fit into this picture? You’ll find out the answer to all these questions right here!

In July 2013, phase 1 of the i-Size regulation for car seats came into force. BeSafe is really happy about the new norm. For over 20 years, the Scandinavian company has been doing ground-breaking work on safety in the car and car seats that can be used in a rear facing position for as long as possible. The new i-Size regulation obliges manufacturers to produce car seats in which children can be put in the rear facing position until they’re at least 15 months old. This rear-facing trend is a big step compared to the current requirement of 9 kg (around 9 months).

“We’ve been hoping for an update of the current regulations for years and are so pleased that this road to the future has finally been established. We especially welcome the improved guidelines that should encourage parents to transport their children in a rear facing position as long as possible” – Okke van Mourik, product developer at BeSafe.

Why a new regulation?

The existing ECE R44/04 regulations are obsolete in many aspects. ECE R44/04:

  • Allows a placement of children in the front facing position way too early on in their lives (from 9 kg), which increases the risk of neck injuries;
  • Doesn’t provide any rules for protection if a lateral collusion occurs;
  • Presents a very unclear classification based on weight classes;
  • Allows too many possibilities to install car seats incorrectly.

Rearfacing until 15 months

Protection during a lateral collusion

From weight classes to body length and age

Avoiding incorrect installations

i-Size car seats and cars

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