STAY SPARKY!™ That's the message that Bombol wants to share with parents.

Bombol is inspiring parents to discover the world together with their children, and to enjoy new experiences.  Bombol creates products for modern parenting, lifting the burden from parents so they have more time and energy to ‘sparkle’ and spontaneously have fun with their children.

Bombol have reinvented children's furniture by creating innovative products that have a practical design. Bombols products are light, flexible, innovative and fun to use. They make your life easier, both at home and when you’re out and about.

Drawing on all these features, Bombol has launched the award-winning Bamboo 3Dknit™ Bouncer. Made using Altor 99.9% antibacterial yarn, ingenious woven 3D mesh and an ergonomic Dynamic Backrest™.  Quite simply, it’s the most innovative recliner on the market.

The Pop-Up™ Booster is the first booster seat to be super strong and fold up to the size of a tablet. The Pop-Up™ Booster is as light as a feather, clicks open and closed again in just seconds, and can bear up to 75kg in weight as a result of its innovative three-dimensional structure.

Bombol has already received several prominent design awards, such as the iF Design Award, Merit Award and European Design Award.



Bombol bouncer for babies and toddlers: reviews

Bombol creates innovative children's products that make the lives of both babies and parents more enjoyable. The hard-wearing Bouncer made from 3DKnit™ Bamboo is a unique product that can be used by both babies and children up to the age of 5 years. Read all about this special bouncer and discover what our Bombol testers thought about it.

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Stay Sparky with Bombol!

Enjoy every single moment with your children! That is what Bombol stands for. To enjoy as much time as possible with your child, as a parent you prefer to spend as little time or effort as possible on things like a booster seat or a bouncer. With the modern parent in mind, one who likes to spontaneously take their children out on trips, the Bombol team has been working on innovative, practical and compact children's items. So you can keep on being that sparky source of fun for your children.

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