dot.pot Starting from € 45,00

The dot.pot is a 3-in-1 potty for each step throughout pottytraining 

1. ‘Regular’ potty (The most fun potty in the world!)
2. Toilet trainer: when your toddler is ready for ‘the big toilet’, you take the toilet trainer out of the potty and put it on the toilet seat. This way, the opening of the toilet becomes smaller.

3. Step stool: the inner potty goes out, the outer potty is turner around and tadah: your toddler has a step to reach the toilet.

Thanks to the toilet trainer and the step, your toddler will be able to go to ‘the big toilet’ on his or her own much faster.

Variations of this product

Dot Pot .green

€ 45,00

Dot Pot .pink red

€ 45,00

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