House of Elodie Hanging Rack

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The multifunctional House of Elodie is a 3-in-1 accessory to brighten up your nursery (and children's room when they are a bit older). If you are looking for sustainable room decoration, look no further! Depending on how you use the beautiful wooden frame, it turns into a baby gym, clothing rack or snuggle house.

Add the toys to the wooden frame to make it into a baby gym. An ideal spot for your baby to just relax, play with the baby gym toys or practice their motor skills.

If your child has outgrown the baby gym, you can add this beautiful cover to turn the wooden frame into a snuggle and play tent for dolls

Every children's room needs a clothing rack, and that is how the House of Elodie can be used as well. Combine the baby gym with this clothing rack (4 extension legs + stabiliser) to turn it into a timeless accessory for hanging your baby's clothes. The clothing rack comes with 10 matching hangers.


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