Ergonomic for your baby, comfortable for you: #inmyergo

"I can do anything #inmyergo", that's what Ergobaby guarantees young parents. Whether it's feeding, sleeping, strolling or carrying, or even going shopping, cooking or travelling the world; your baby can be a part of all these things in your ergonomic Ergobaby carrier or pushchair! 

So do you like to keep your baby close by on your belly, where he or she can also be placed face forward? Does your partner prefer to carry your little one on his back? Or do you put your baby on your hip to explore the world together? 

Everything is possible with the Ergobaby ergonomic baby carriers. You can choose yourself which carrier fits you and your baby best: a carrier with 3 ergonomic positions or an Ergobaby you can carry in 4 different positions. All ergonomic, all very comfortable. 

Or are you looking for an ergonomic and comfortable way to stroll through the city, with your baby in a pushchair? Then you're gonna want the Ergobaby Metro Compact Stroller. This ultra-compact pushchair is certified as 'back-friendly', so it's as comfortable for the parents as it is for babies. Win-win!

Do you want more information about Ergobaby? Check our frequently asked questions.

why ergobaby?

Read everything about the Ergobaby quality! 

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comparison chart ergobaby carriers

Which Ergobaby carrier is perfect for me? An clear overview!

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About babywearing

I can do anything #inmyergo, that's what Ergobaby guarantees young parents. Discover here why this statement couldn't be more true!

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About sleeping

Did you know swaddled babies sleep longer, safer and more comfortable? Swaddle your baby ergonomically with the Ergobaby Swaddler and Room-to-Grow. Read everything about it! 

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about feeding

Making your baby feel comforted and safe while feeding, Ergobaby is happy to help!

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ergobaby tutorials

Useful tutorials for all our Ergobaby products!

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ergobaby manuals

Practical manuals of all Ergobaby products!

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The ergobaby story

How the birth of one child changed everything for millions of babies worldwide!

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5 frequently asked questions about Swaddlers

Some parents think that a swaddler is a godsend, others never took it out of the package. Why is that? And why is a swaddler often recommended when your baby cries a lot, for instance?

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ErgoPromise Guarantee

Ergobaby never settles for less than exceptional. From materials to workmanship, our carriers are built to last for years to come as your baby — and family — grows. That’s why every Ergobaby carrier comes with the ErgoPromise LifeTime Guarantee.

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Ergobaby Metro: the only back-friendly and most compact stroller!

You will certainly already know the ergonomic baby carriers, swaddleres and sleeping bags of our brand Ergobaby. Or maybe you are using the Ergobaby breastfeeding cushion? But do you know the newest product of Ergobaby? Hello there, Metro Stroller!

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