Cocoon Butterfly Cardi Tog 0,2 Oatmeal Marle - 0-3 months

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The Butterfly Cardi is designed for babies who are less comfortable sleeping with their arms wrapped or swaddled, but prefer to sleep with their hands near their face.

If this is the case, put on the Cocoon swaddling bag with the arms out, and then this handy jacket over it with the hands in the 'butterfly pockets' close to the face. This is totally safe from birth, if you use the 0-3 month size.

If a baby regularly changes sleeping style, combining the Cocoon swaddling bag with the Butterfly Cardi gives you four different 'sleep options' to switch between (swaddled, one or two arms out and ... 'Arms up')! But because of its 0.2 TOG rating, this jacket is suitable for use over any sleeping bag at any room temperature.

In addition, the Butterfly Cardi can also be used as a 'transition aid' until when a baby is ready to go to sleep with arms free. If your baby has slept with arms in or up and begins to show signs of rolling, it is time to transition to arms out for safety.

Like the ergoPouch sleep sacks, this jacket is made of very stretchy, organic cotton. In short, the stretchability in all directions keeps a baby comfortable and allows the chest to fully expand while breathing. Moreover, natural fibers are better for sleeping in for the simple reason that they are breathable and help your little one regulate his temperature at night!

Washing instructions: 
Wash gently and cold in the washing machine, at 30° and with a mild detergent. Hang the Butterfly Cardi to dry, preferably not in full sun in summer. Tumble drying is not recommended, the Butterfly Cardi can be ironed lightly.


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