Universal design

Everything OXO Tot designs is based on the concept of Universal Design: products that as many people as possible can use with ease. Children and adults, men and women, left- and right-handers, people with and without a handicap. Every part of every product is research and considered thoroughly. Every detail is tested, reviewed and retested, in order to exceed expectations with every product.

This is exactly why you’ll find a wall filled with a bunch of different gloves in the OXO office. OXOnians (OXO employees) have been picking up lost gloves in the city for years now. Each glove gets a spot on the wall. These gloves remind the OXO employees of all the different hands that have to be able to use their products with ease: large hands, small hands, male hands, female hands, young hands, old hands, and all hands in between.

That’s what Universal Design is all about. That’s what sets OXO apart.

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