Ergonomically carrying your baby combined with exclusive designs!

Tula, a brand that focuses on ergonomic baby carriers, arose from the story of Mike & Ula, who were looking for a father-friendly and ergonomic carrier after the birth of their second baby. They couldn’t find exactly what they were looking for anywhere, so they asked their Vietnamese grandmother to make them the very first Tula. Read their whole story here. 

What does Tula stand for?

Nowadays, Tula is renowned for its exclusive, cheerful designs combined with its hip-friendly and ergonomic carrying position. All of their baby carriers (the Baby Tula, the Toddler Tula, and the Free-to-Grow Tula) guarantee the natural frog position for your baby.

Do you want more information about Tula? Consult the carrier comparison chart or check our frequently asked questions.



Which Ergobaby or Tula baby carrier should I choose?

What babies want most is to be able to see, feel and smell their mom or dad, as this makes them feel safe. If you carry your baby, you satisfy all those three needs at the same time. Your baby can see you, smell you, hear your voice and heartbeat, and feel your body warmth. Because of these sensory observations, your baby feels safe and secure (as safe as in the womb), will show more of an interest in his environment and develop social skills.

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Carrying my baby? No way! Until this happened..

An ergonomic carrier or wrap? It looked like a somewhat unnecessary accessory on the birth list of these mommies and daddies. Until they discovered that there are moments when such a baby carrier makes a world of difference.

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Why you’ll love our tula explore baby carrier

At Baby Tula strives to listen to new parents in order to better understand what they want and need. With the newest Tula carrier, they address a request that many of you have been asking for… the ability to share more of your world with baby.

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Discover our very first exclusive baby carrier: the Tula Tundra!

It’s not a secret that we, at BABYmatters, have already been passionate about ergonomic carrying for years. With Ergobaby and Tula, we have the premium brands in house and, within Babymatters, the majority of the team is certified and qualified babywearing consultant. Consequently, ergonomic baby carriers and baby wraps no longer hold any secrets for us. But we have held a secret for you though..

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Which Tula carrier is best for you?

Consult our comparison chart to discover the different Tula carriers and find the best option for you and your baby.

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The Tula Story

The story of Tula begins with two people from distant worlds, Mike from Vietnam and Ula from Poland:

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