iZi Modular i-Size ISOfix base

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One ISOfix base for 2 car seats

BeSafe iZi Modular is a modular system of car seats for children, which consists of 1 ISOfix-compatible base and 2 car seats that comply with the new EU-norm R-129 (I-Size). When your child has outgrown the baby seat, you replace it with the next seat using the same base. The base module can be extended to give your baby more legroom. This way, children can be sat in the rear facing position until they’re 4 years old. The iZi Modular Family is easy and safe to install with a click-system on the i-Size base. The Modular Family also offers superior protection against lateral collisions (SIP – Side Impact Protection).

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General properties

  • UN r 129 (i-Size) approved
  • To use with iZi Go Modular (X1) and iZi Modular (X1) iSize
  • Installation: ISOfix
  • Patented anti-rotation 'Front Brace'
  • Adjustable floor support
  • Adjustable ISOfix arms to give more leg room
  • Minimal risk for incorrect installation

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