iZi Kid X3 i-Size Fresh Black Cab

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Rearfacing car seats are 5x safer!

The iZi Kid X3 i-Size is one of the first i-Size car seats on the market. It can only be used in the rear facing position, up to 18 kg. The iZi Kid X3 i-Size offers lots of legroom, a perfect sleeping position and a high seat: everything to be able to transport a child in the rear facing position for as long as possible.

The most revolutionary aspect of this car seat is the flexible ISOfix base, which can be clicked in the ISOfix arms with around 10 extra cm. Is your child still quite small? You can easily keep it more compact. Once your little one starts to grow out of the chair, you can increase the legroom. This way, your child is comfortably sat in the rear facing position until 18kg. 

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