iZi Turn M iSize Starting from € 599,00

The iZi Turn M i-Size is the newest rotating car seat in the BeSafe range, it rotates 360°.

From 61cm to 105cm the iZi Turn M i-Size can be used rearfacing, from 85cm to 105cm it can also be used forward facing. Rearfacing car seats are up to 5 times safer. Therefore BeSafe always offers the possibility to use a car seat rearfaced up to the maximum length or weight.

In addition to the other BeSafe rotating car seats, the iZi Turn M i-Size offers some extra smart features to take your child's safety to the next level.

The digital eBuckle is an intelligent safety system with smartphone app. The system sounds an alarm when the belt is opened while driving. The eBuckle also has a monitoring function that is invisibly integrated into the seatbelt and the seat frame. This function prevents a child from being left alone in the car. The eBuckle is connected to the app via bluetooth. The app is very user-friendly; you can also assign extra contacts to a seat. Each car seat can be monitored by 8 different people and each person can monitor 8 different car seats.

With the Universal Level Technology™, the iZi Turn M i-Size 360° rotating car seat can always be placed in the horizontal position, regardless of the angle of the car bench.

The iZi Turn M i-Size is also equipped with Dynamic Force Absorber™ in the headrest. This is the most innovative side impact protection on the market and can be compared to the effect of a trampoline. The Dynamic Force Absorber™ consists of flexible zones that ensure that your child's head will be extremely gently cushioned in the event of a side impact.

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