BeSafe iZi Go X1 - used in combination with the ISOfix base

BABYmatters has been the exclusive distributor of the Norwegian car seatbrand BeSafe in the Benelux countries for more than 20 years. We have rarely or never had to announce a recall for BeSafe, which is a good thing. But as safety is an absolute priority for both BABYmatters and BeSafe, it is important for you to read the following information carefully.

Car seat BeSafe iZi Go X1: possible danger when used in combination with the ISOfix base, safe when used in combination with the seat belt.

BeSafe HQ in Norway has notified Team BABYmatters that a recall has been announced for a small number of car seats of the type BeSafe iZi Go X1.

Which product is involved in the recall?

  • Only the BeSafe iZi Go X1 car seats with serial numbers ZG0247548 to ZG(0)270529 fall within the scope of this recall.
  • The car seats that are recalled can be submitted for repair to the BeSafe dealers where they were purchased.
  • The possible danger only exists if users use the car seat in combination with the ISOfix base. If the car seat is fixated using only the seat belt, there is no problem or danger.
  • This recall only concerns the BeSafe iZi Go X1. The BeSafe iZi Go Modular X1, BeSafe iZi Modular X1, BeSafe iZi Modular base or other BeSafe products do NOT are not being recalled. The ISOfix base of the BeSafe iZi Go X1 car seats that do fall within the scope of the recall is also 100% safe.

What should you do if you are using a BeSafe iZi Go X1 car seat?

  1. Check the serial number of your car seat.
  2. If the serial number falls within the range ZG0247548 to ZG(0)270529, contact the store where you purchased the car seat. They can repair the car seat for you, whether it still falls under the guarantee or not.

Where can you find the serial number?

  • Turn the BeSafe iZi Go X1 car seat upside-down. On the underside, you will see a white label, which reads “Serial no/ID”, followed by a code with two letters and 6 or 7 digits.
  • If the serial number is lower than ZG0247548 or higher than ZG(0)270529, the car seat is safe to use.
  • If the serial number is between ZG0247548 and ZG(0)270529, and there is no ‘CHECK 2020’ sticker, the car seat is no longer safe and needs to be repaired. 
  • If the serial number is between ZG0247548 and ZG(0)270529, but it does have a ‘CHECK 2020’ sticker, the car seat has already been repaired and is safe to use.

Another important thing:

If you purchased a BeSafe iZi Go X1 car seat after 9 March 2020, check the underside to see if there is a ‘CHECK 2020’ sticker. If you see the sticker, the car seat is safe to use.

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