Elodie bamboo dinnerware

Following recent communications regarding the use of bamboo and melamine in drinking and eating utensils, we have decided to remove the Elodie bamboo dinnerware and bamboo spoons from our shelves. This is only relevant for dinnerware that is still available for sale. Packages that have already been opened and/or used eating utensils are not, therefore, to be returned.

What exactly is this update of bamboo eating utensils about?

The current issue is linked to the addition of melamine in bamboo dinnerware. Melamine is a substance that is used to hold bamboo fibres together, thereby making them stronger. When melamine is heated above 70°C, harmful substances are released. This could occur by heating items in the microwave, as well as by serving hot food (e.g. dishes cooked in the oven) in such utensils.

What about Elodie utensils?

If the instructions on how to use the bamboo utensils are followed, then there is no danger to health when using Elodie bamboo dinnerware. Specifically, care should be taken that:

  • you do not heat the tableware in the microwave.
  • you wash the items by hand.

What about Elodie's bamboo dummies?

Melamine is not used in the production of Elodie's bamboo dummies; Elodie uses a mix of bamboo and polypropylene. Therefore, there is no risk to using Elodie's bamboo pacifiers.

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