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The Babymatters story started in 1993, when managers Conny Goossens and Ståle Rossavik visited Ståle’s brother in Norway with their first child. They got inspired there by how the Norwegian people handle children’s safety in traffic.

In Scandinavia, the transport of children in the car has been standardised for way longer than here in Belgium. In pretty much every Norwegian car, there were safety nets for the carrier baskets of strollers, something that was completely unknown in Belgium in the 80’s.

It’s exactly that that inspired Conny and Ståle to introduce the Belgian market to Scandinavian Safety. So Conny drove through the entire country with one of those safety nets. She did that successfully, because Babymatters quickly expanded from one brand to more, and from one country to the entire Benelux.

More than 20 years later, BABYmatters is the exclusive distributor of quality brands for baby and children’s products. From ergonomic baby carriers and sturdy toys to car seats, from pacifiers to baby nests, from sleeping bags and night lights to read-aloud books, and much more.

The BABYmatters philosophy is based entirely on the three pillars of safety, ergonomics and design. That’s why we always choose brands that match our philosophy and that uphold the same core values, without losing sight of functionality.

Each brand is selected with the greatest care to ensure we can offer young parents a complete product range. So whether you need pregnancy or maternity products, or something for your baby, toddler or pre-schooler: BABYmatters has everything you need.

And perhaps most important of all: we tell a story with all the brands in our BABYmatters House of Brands. Our brands have so much more to offer than just the beautiful products; they all offer young parents a great concept. A complete picture, where the whole is much more than the products on their own. The BABYmatters Team tells stories, with a lot of passion and joy.

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