The safest toddler seats in the ADAC Spring test 2020

BeSafe iZi Twist & iZi Twist B i-Size achieved the highest safety rating ‘Very Good’ in the independent ADAC/Stiftung Warentest car seat test in May 2020. They are the only toddler and 2-in-1 seat in the test that scored ‘Very Good’ in safety.

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A beautiful (and festive) table setting with Elodie EAT

Are you looking for a great children's dinner set suitable for any occasion? The new Elodie EAT collection will have what you are looking for! All the separate items from this range combine functionality with great design. The collection is suitable for small hands and looks attractive to grown-ups too.

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Convenience when out and about with your child? These two essentials are just the ticket!

As a mum or dad, you're sure to recognise this: you want to catch some fresh air with your child but you feel you have to pack everything but the kitchen sink. A nappy bag filled with bibs, dummies, spare clothes, bottles, nappies and 101 other things. A stroller, with or without a large basket. A car seat, a coat, a hat, a favourite blanket and the favourite cuddly toy. Admit it, you're exhausted before you’ve even opened the front door. But no need to panic, here’s some reassurance.

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Welcome to the House of Elodie: 3 indispensable nursery items in 1!

One of the must exciting things to do when you are expecting is decorating and furnishing the nursery. What are the real must-haves? What should definitely be part of your layette? Good news, because our brand Elodie has launched the multifunctional House of Elodie: an indispensable accessory for your nursery!

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Bye-bye to hot and sweaty car journeys, thanks to the Voksi Airflow Liner

The Airflow Liner is the latest product in the Voksi range, and already is an indispensable item on hot days. Planning a day trip with the car or buggy? Simply place the Airflow Liner in the car seat or buggy, to let your child enjoy a sweat-free trip. The liner grows with your child, meaning you can use it from birth until he is a toddler.

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iZi Transfer: innovative carrying system by BeSafe

More and more young families are moving to the city and live in small houses or apartments. This means parents are always on the look-out for smart space-saving solutions. For BeSafe, this was a reason to develop a brand-new, compact product: the iZi Transfer. This innovative carrying system allows you to take your baby inside from the car or buggy while he is napping.

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5 things to consider when you are buying a baby nest

A baby nest is a standard item in your layette. It mimics the safe environment of the womb, and makes your baby feel safe and comfortable. But not all baby nests are safe. The Voksi nests are a forerunner in the field of safety. They satisfy all the points on our checklist for a safe baby nest!

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3 Reasons why walking is good for your family

What's more fun than discovering the area where you live, taking the new Ergobaby Metro 2020 along as your walking buddy? Talking about a win-win activity! Read on for more reasons to put on your hiking boots.

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