How to choose the right sleeping bag

To make the right choice in terms of sleeping bag, it is useful to understand the TOG value, or Thermal Overall Grade. With this, you can perfectly determine which thickness of sleeping bags you should choose, to create a comfortable sleeping environment! In this blog, you will find all about TOG value(s) and its importance.

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Tips for the 'perfect' afternoon nap!

Afternoon naps, the ideal time to rest yourself or ... like many parents, to quickly do some housework. In short, indispensable for young and old! But why are afternoon naps so important for your child? And how can you create a restful sleep routine for your little one? We'll take a closer look at that in this blog!

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In the picture: BeSafe Pregnant

Recently ADAC published a test on pregnancy belts, concluding that they would not offer any extra safety in case of a car accident. We - BABYmatters and BeSafe - would like to qualify this, because BeSafe Pregnant maternity belt remains the safest way to protect the unborn child (and the mother) while driving.

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The benefits of a swaddling bag

By swaddling, you create a restful sleep environment, so that (newborn) babies will sleep better and deeper. After all, they still know that cosy feeling from the womb! But ... swaddling and consequently swaddling bags have many advantages. Follow us!

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Sleep safely and naturally with ergoPouch

Welcoming a baby is first and foremost a happy event, but at the same time it brings a lot of questions and considerations, especially when it comes to their safety and comfort. One of the most important aspects is to create a comfortable sleeping environment, so that your baby gets the rest it needs... and so do you! This is why we would like to introduce ergoPouch.

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News | BeSafe Beyond nominated for Baby Innovation Award 2024

Beyond, BeSafe's new car seat concept, has been nominated for Baby Innovation Award 2024 in the 'Mobility' category. BeSafe Beyond - available from May 2024 - consists of a rotating ISOFIX base with separate infant and child seat. But what makes this concept so unique?

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First Aid for inconsolability

One of the many challenges of parenthood is trying to calm an inconsolable baby. Fortunately, there are a number of 'tricks' that can help! One of the best-known is rocking. This can, of course, be done in mum's or dad's arms... But today there are practical and safe aids available ... that leave your hands free for other things!

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Why is a mobile an absolute must-have?

Babies develop very quickly. By - from birth - hanging a mobile above their crib, bed and/or baby park, your little one learns to discover the world playfully, and their development and motor skills are stimulated from the very beginning!

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