Why the Voksi baby nest is the safest option!

In the last few years, baby nests have gained great popularity. In almost each nursery or in each co-sleeper you will find one. But what about the safety of such a baby nest? If we can give you some advice, we recommend to certainly take a closer look at the different components of such a baby nest.

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Nursing tips for the Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow

Nursing tips for the Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow: Cradle position, clutch position and bottle-feeding tips

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The summer must haves for your (newborn) baby!

How do you survive your first summer with your newborn baby? In the shadow, that’s for sure. But there are also summerproof products that make those summer days with small children just a little easier!

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BeSafe car seats now even safer

People have known for a long time that BeSafe has been manufacturing the safest car seats for many years. But BeSafe keeps working on/innovating even those supersafe car seats with the aim of… creating even more safety and comfort. Because for the very little ones, only the best is good enough!

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How to comfort a crying baby?

Is your baby hungry? Struggling with cramps? Is there a diaper in need of changing? Too much stimuli at once? Or just exhaustion? If your newborn baby is crying, you go down the entire list of options. Sometimes, you immediately find the problem, but from time to time, your baby may seem inconsolable. If crying is limited to a couple of times a day, the moments when the screaming is unexplainable aren’t too bad to deal with.

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Why use the Ergobaby Carrier?

The Ergobaby carriers are recommended by paediatricians, midwives, nurses, osteopaths, and physiotherapists worldwide and have been awarded with countless prizes. The Ergobaby carrier was the Baby Product of the Year in 2011, for example!

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On holiday by car? Be Safe!

An-Katrien, mom of two adorable kids, scheduled a long road trip last summer, but first she had to look for the safest car seats. Her final stop? BeSafe of course!

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5 frequently asked questions about Swaddlers

Some parents think that a swaddler is a godsend, others never took it out of the package. Why is that? And why is a swaddler often recommended when your baby cries a lot, for instance?

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