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Recently ADAC published a test on pregnancy belts, concluding that they would not offer any extra safety in case of a car accident. We - BABYmatters and BeSafe - would like to qualify this, because BeSafe Pregnant maternity belt remains the safest way to protect the unborn child (and the mother) while driving.

Is only the seat belt enough?

One of ADAC's conclusions was that regular three-point or seat belts are perfectly safe for pregnant women. True, but ... only when used correctly. What do we mean by this? That the lap belt of the three-point or safety belt should be placed quite low at hip height below the belly, and the shoulder belt diagonally between the breasts (see picture below). Unfortunately, this is not always the case in reality ... For example, recent research has shown, that 4 out of 10 pregnant women use the seat belt incorrectly. In addition to misuse, there is also the risk of the lap belt shifting (by moving) while driving, so the belt still sits over the pregnant belly.

What does BeSafe Pregnant do?

The BeSafe pregnancy belt ensures that the lap belt of the car is in the correct position both when buckling up and while driving, if an accident should occur. BeSafe Pregnant is designed to keep the lap belt in place while driving. In short, if the regular car seat belt - with the help of our pregnancy belt - is worn properly, BeSafe Pregnant will do what it is supposed to do: protect both the mom and her unborn baby as best as possible. Moreover, the BeSafe pregnancy belt also increases comfort while driving, as has been confirmed to us several times by the numerous moms who already used BeSafe Pregnant!

What can we conclude?

The use of the three-point belt is also crucial during pregnancy, but ... the position of the belt is just as important! After all, an incorrectly positioned lap belt can lead to a serious injury to both the mother and the unborn child. In short, if there is a risk that the position of the belt may not be or remain as it should be, a BeSafe pregnancy belt will ensure that the seat belt can do its job as intended!

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