The benefits of a swaddling bag

By swaddling, you create a restful sleep environment, so that (newborn) babies will sleep better and deeper. After all, they still know that cosy feeling from the womb! But ... swaddling and consequently swaddling bags have many advantages. Follow us!

Protected and safe

Sleeping bags are designed to wrap and swaddle babies comfortably and safely. The adaptive shape mimics the secure feeling in the womb, making babies feel protected. Moreover, by choosing an swaddling bag you don't have to use blankets or sheets. After all, these can become loose, which could lead to suffocation.

TIP | If you still want to go for extra warmth and security, the Tuck swaddle blanket is ideal. This swaddle blanket is suitable for newborns until they start rolling, and designed for use over the top of a swaddling sleeping bag.

Limiting the startle reflex

A swaddle blanket can also help babies sleep longer and more peacefully. This is because swaddling limits the startle reflex, which often wakes babies up during sleep. By gently swaddling the arms and legs, the startle reflex is minimized, allowing babies to sleep longer uninterrupted!

Always swaddled correctly and properly

Perfect swaddling with a sheet or blanket is often difficult because babies become more active as they grow and start to fidget more... With a swaddling bag, an even wrapping or swaddling is guaranteed, so that a baby is always snug and comfortable!

Less cramps and restlessness

Swaddling can help soothe (newborn) babies, reducing cramps and restlessness. Indeed, the gentle pressure exerted by the swaddling bag can give babies a feeling of reassurance, making them relax more quickly and help them sleep better!

Optimal heat regulation

Babies cannot yet regulate their own temperature. A swaddling bag - in natural materials, such as those from ergoPouch - ensures that a baby is warm enough on cooler nights, but still sleeps comfortably on warmer nights! The ergoPouch sleeping bags are all breathable and thermo-regulating!

Easy diaper change

One of the many challenges of (early) parenthood is changing ... With an ergoPouch sleeping bag this is no longer a hassle! Thanks to the handy two-way zipper on these sleeping bags, you can make a diaper change quickly and easily, without having to take the sleeping bag off completely and without 'disturbing' a baby's comfortable position!

More regular sleep pattern

Because a swaddling bag is so inextricably linked to naps and sleeps, a baby will quickly make the link between that wonderful secure feeling and "time to go to sleep". It is therefore recommended to use the swaddling bag at every nap: this way you will promote a good regular sleep pattern.

In short, using a swaddling bag offers many advantages! From a safer sleeping environment to a better night's sleep for young and old, from easier changing to reducing cramps ... a swaddling bag is a safe, practical and effective solution to create a cozy and safe sleeping environment for your little one!

DID YOU KNOW ... | ergoPouch swaddling bags have snaps on the arm openings? This handy 2-in-1 concept ensures that the swaddling bag can still be used after the swaddling phase or ... do you have a toddler who prefers to sleep with one or two arms out of the sleeping bag? This is also perfectly possible with the Cocoon sleeping bag!

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