About Ergopouch

This quality, sustainable brand is known for their ergonomic and ecological sleeping bags, ranging from swaddling bags to classic sleeping bags. 

As children grow and develop, their sleeping style changes ... and each child deserves the best solution to sleep safely and comfortably. That is why ergoPouch developed sleeping bags for every age, sleeping style and season!

All products are made of organic cotton, allowing baby's skin to breathe and regulate their body temperature. Moreover, the sleeping bags are designed to grow and evolve with the child, and are recognized by the International Hyp Displasia Institute as 'hip-friendly'!

Introduction to the TOG system

TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade and is the unit of measurement for insulation and warmth of sleep textilesAll ergoPouch products are TOG rated and are made of organic, breathable as well as natural fibers to ensure that a baby can maintain an even body temperature.

This results in a safe and comfortable sleep, both during hot summer and cold winter nights! In short, the lower the TOG, the lighter the fabric and the higher the value, the more padded and insulated the fabric is.

With the help of the thermometer and dressing guide (see below) included with each product, parents know exactly how to dress their child for every sleeping moment!


Benefits of ergoPouch

High quality and ergonomic


For every age, season and sleeping style

Made of organic cotton


With thermometer and changing guide

Breathable and thermo regulating


Recognized by the International Hyp Dysplasia Institute as 'hip-friendly'


Dressing guide (swaddle) sleeping bags

Dressing guide swaddling blankets





Sleep safely and naturally with ergoPouch

Welcoming a baby is first and foremost a happy event, but at the same time it brings a lot of questions and considerations, especially when it comes to their safety and comfort. One of the most important aspects is to create a comfortable sleeping environment, so that your baby gets the rest it needs... and so do you! This is why we would like to introduce ergoPouch.

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How do I choose the right sleeping bag?

During the colder months of the year, it is important that your child is warm enough while sleeping. A swaddling or classic sleeping bag is then the best and safest choice for your little one! In this blog you will find some useful tips and tricks to guide you in choosing the right sleeping bag.

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