Tips for the 'perfect' afternoon nap!

Afternoon naps, the ideal time to rest yourself or ... like many parents, to quickly do some housework. In short, indispensable for young and old! But why are afternoon naps so important for your child? And how can you create a restful sleep routine for your little one? We'll take a closer look at that in this blog!

Why an (afternoon) nap?

Sleep is hugely important, both for babies their physical and cognitive development. After all, when they sleep, their bodies produce growth hormones, which are crucial for development! But sufficient sleep also ensures better brain development, which stimulates the ability to learn and remember information!

Last but not least ... a good sleep routine provides better mood regulation, which ensures that babies will generally be less irritable.

What's the best way to tackle it?

Provide structure. Having a set time for a nap ensures that your child's ‘internal clock’ develops a predictable rhythm. By applying approximately the same time each day, the body will naturally begin to feel sleepy!

Create a restful environment by making sure the room is quiet, dark and at a comfortable temperature. Regular elements, such as wearing a (swaddling) sleeping bag - and if your little one is a bit bigger - his or her favorite blanket or cuddly toy should always be present too!

Other handy sleep aids - for at home or on the go - are the Sleepytroll Baby Rocker - our automatic baby rocker - and the 'White Noise' device from ergoPouch.

Sleepytroll Baby Rocker (left) - White Noise (right)
Sleepytroll Baby Rocker (left) - White Noise (right)

If your baby likes to be rocked, Sleepytroll is the sleep aid you've been looking for! This rechargeable baby swing is easy to attach to a crib, stroller ... You name it, Sleepytroll 'rocks' it! And you have your hands free for something else, ideal right? And the ergoPouch 'White Noise' sleep aid? It plays 'white noise', which has a calming effect on your baby making it easier for them to fall asleep and sleep deeper!

Take it easy before the nap. Establish a ritual, to let your baby know that it is time to relax and prepare for his or her nap. This can include reading a story aloud (f.e. from one of our Yumi Yay friends' read-aloud books).

Pay attention to ‘sleep signals’. Babies and toddlers often give signals when they are tired, such as yawning, rubbing their eyes or getting a little whiny. If you notice these signals, it is best to put him or her in her crib for a nap to prevent them from becoming overtired.

Avoid ‘sleep disruptors’ such as loud noises or bright lights during a nap. By providing a quiet environment, your little one will fall asleep more easily. Nap 'on the go', in the stroller? Our Elodie Mondo compact stroller has a back panel that can be completely 'flattened' as well as an extra-large sun canopy, so you can block out bright (sun)light and create a peaceful sleeping environment!

In short, an afternoon nap not only helps your child's growth and development, but also makes him or her happier and more content! By applying these handy tips, you'll create an environment where your little one can recharge and develop during their afternoon nap ... and you can rest or finally get something done!

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