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about yumi yay

Yumi Yay is a colorful and playful Belgian brand that cherishes and enforces the cosy moments between parents and children. Rituals bring peace to the family and often make the most beautiful memories in the future. Yumi Yay develops products whoch help parents to create ans reinforce the special moments.

"Our little moments"

All the products made by Yumi Yay are characterised by their colourful and stylish design. The four different Yumi Yay friends Finn, Otti, Tika and Billy, invite children to join them on an adventure, to explore their world, and of course mom and dad can come too! Which of them will be your child's favourite friend?

night light

The night lights draw kids’ attention immediately and every night light comes with two cheerful, removable animal covers. The food-graded silicone covers are ideal for small children’s hands and make sure the night lights are shockproof and safe to use. The night lights have 3 modes of light intensity which are easy to change for little children. The light itself doesnt have a wire, charging is easy on the bamboo charging station. 

3-in-1 mobile

Enjoy playful moments together with your baby and the 3-in-1 mobile! Look together at the four Yumi Yay animals on the mobile, play together with the wooden animals and the rattle or put the Otti, Finn, Tika and Billy in place in the jigsaw puzzle. Enjoy, watch and play together! Discover the 3-in-1 baby mobile here.

bedtime stories

The four night lights come alive in the Yumi Yay bedtime stories. Let Billy, Finn, Otti and Tika take your little one on an adventure through the Yumi Yay universe. The four bedtime stories are recognizable and definitely have an added value to every bedtime ritual. Yumi Yay provides everything for a cosy and memorable moment between children and parents. 

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yumi yay benefits

Perfect size for little hands Colorful animals with recognizable characters
Wireless charging with bamboo charging station 1 night light with 2 silicone covers
3 modes of light intensity Short stories, colorful images
Easy and safe to use Belgian design


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